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April 14, 2012
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I am a Vampire, Madam. by elbarien I am a Vampire, Madam. by elbarien
Here is my entry for the Dark Shadows competition! I am very pleased with how it turned out. Even though the film takes place in the 70's, what I've always loved about Tim Burton's works is the Victorian aesthetic that they have, so I chose to run with that. The title of this piece is a quote from the trailer. I was really excited to participate in this because I've always loved the dark, whimsical nature of Burton's work. Well, I guess all that's left to say is "enjoy!" and make sure to take a look at the other entries, too! There's some super awesome work out there.

Edits 4/23: Lots of edits today!! I'm just making sure it's 100% done and that I'm completely satisfied before the contest ends tomorrow. I added much more detail to his face and hands and fixed a few things that looked weird. I added more sponge brushwork and detail to the background to give it a painterly look, incorporated some red, and added a few Burton-esque environmental elements, such as the curly tree branches, that I've always adored. I also attempted to make Barnabas look more like Johnny Depp. I made the wine glass more realistic and gave it a crack (I mean, he can't expect the stemware to have aged as well as he did!) Lastly, I added a Black Widow spider on his hand, and some cobwebs in the corners both to give the piece some boundaries and to connect the logo more to the image. :) I sincerely hope you enjoy it!! I'm much happier with it now.

Edit: I would like to thank everyone who has viewed, commented on, and added this piece to their favorites or collections so much! I'm not what you would call a "famous" deviant, so the attention that you guys have given to this is both surprising and heart-warming to me. Thanks for all of your support!! :heart:
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I want to say first that you have done amazing work here on this art! Everything about this (from the mood to the details) are really cool. I hope everyone that looks at this has the time to notice all the little things like the bats in the background and everything you have done to make this awesome!! I think that even though he is a very classic vampire in every way here, you have done a good job at not making this boring or repetitive compared to other vampire drawings. His lips and eyes are just great. Also it does look like Johnny Depp which is good for the competition which speaking of, I hope you do well in! This art deserves a lot of attention in my opinion. My suggestions are to make his skin less smooth though maybe. It looks awesome now but I love those little wrinkles by his eyebrows and he might look even more lifelike if you added some more wrinkles maybe under his eyes or something. I like his thumb you can barely see behind the wine glass, it makes it much more 3d! Basically overall this is awesome and best of luck in the contest!! You always deliver with your art.
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I enjoy this piece a lot. The color scheme is very nice; however, the hand seems a bit flat or at a weird angle, it's not quite right. Also, the nails could be works on a little bit too. I feel like the contours of the hand, along with the nails and where the hand and nails meet, seems very cropped and 'perfect' when it should be a lot more organic and natural. It could be nice to see a little bit more detailing in the hair, it seems very flat and again, 'perfect' compared to the face. Maybe add some more loose strands and make the locks come together in a less pointy, exact way. By the way, the face is amazing, you are fabulous at portraits. The clothing is wonderful, I can't tell you anything to change on that. The wine glass looks pretty good, but if you have time/energy you could always add a little bit more detail onto that. The only other thing I'd say is to work on the gate in the background-- it looks very cartoonish compared to the rest, and I don't know if you did it on purpose but it's slanted and less than symmetrical. Other than that the background looks great; I love the forest area on the left side. I hope you do well and wish you the best of luck!
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